I hope you have been able to use some of the suggestions and activities in this book to make some valuable improvements to your wellbeing. As you will have discovered, reading this material alone will do little for you, you must take action if you really want to see results.

Before I became a professional coach I was a lecturer in nursing and midwifery, and one of my favourite quotes to encourage my students to learn comes from Florence Nightingale, one of the founders of the modern day nursing profession. It’s this:

“I do not pretend to teach her how, I ask her to teach herself, and for this purpose

I venture to give her some hints.”


Now that you have a good insight into how coaches work, perhaps you can see why I like this quote so much. Because I don’t know you personally I can’t pretend to coach you. I can only ask that you coach yourself and for this purpose, I too have ventured to give you some hints.

Whether you want more of something or less of something, the bottom line is always about change. As you learn to coach yourself to better health you will be continually opening up new possibilities for yourself and at the same time learning to become very focused on your results.

For some people, generating enthusiasm and staying on track is easy. For others, it can at times seem to be quite a struggle. If this has been the case for you, then you may benefit from finding a ‘buddy’ to co-coach with or consider working alongside a professional for a while, until you generate the momentum you need for change.

Coaching yourself to better health doesn’t mean that you have to go on this journey alone. It is perfectly alright to ask for help and support when you need it. Many people actually prefer the personal support that comes from working with a professional. If this applies to you then remember to choose carefully and always ask for a free sample session to make sure their coaching style suits you.

One last thing; this is not a one off exercise. You need to keep at it. You need to keep asking the next question and then the question after that which will lead you in the direction of greater health.

Like anything else, with practice, this will become a habit and the day will come when it will seem natural to you to engage the help of your inner coach whenever you feel that something is lacking in your life, or when you need to raise the bar on your personal best.

As our journey together comes to an end I hope that you have been able to learn some valuable and precious things about your potential. Perhaps you have been able to celebrate some small improvements or even a couple of major ones. Most of all I hope that you have felt a sense of pride in your ability to take control.

It is never too late to enhance your wellbeing and coaching yourself to better health is an excellent way to help you bring a greater vibrancy and vitality to life.

Wherever you are in this process I wish you joy on your journey.



The Health Factor Copyright © 2017 by Anne Watkins. All Rights Reserved.

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