When Anne Watkins mentioned she was thinking about writing a ‘coaching and health’ book, I was not the least bit surprised. In fact, I supported the idea wholeheartedly. You see, Anne is a long-time friend of mine and a magnificent coach whom I have always admired. Her work in the field of coaching, especially health coaching, is unique and so far beyond what others would call ‘cutting edge’, I’m not sure there is a word to accurately express it. I have always believed Anne to be one of the most warm, caring, truly insightful people on the planet. She is that rare combination of warmth and intelligence. In Anne’s presence, you know you are speaking with someone really special… someone determined to overcome every roadblock and make a real difference in the lives of others.

You would think these qualities would be enough to endear Anne to me, but wait… there is more.

I’m Gerard O’Donovan, founder of Noble-Manhattan Coaching, a European leader in the billion-dollar coaching industry. Since the inception of Noble-Manhattan Coaching in 1996 until today, my organization has trained more than 5000 coaches across the globe, in more than 26 countries. I think it is safe to say I know coaching talent when I see it. Anne Watkins has what it takes. She consistently reaches and exceeds the highest coaching standards, continually working to improve her fantastic coaching methods, always with an eye to helping others achieve greater health and happiness.

Throughout this book, Anne outlines step by step, proven coaching methods very near and dear to my own heart, and my own coaching beliefs; in particular, her discussions of false beliefs, the meaning of consequences, overcoming excuses, and using your own innate gifts to take control of your own health.

Of course, simply reading a book won’t necessarily change longstanding habits and beliefs. Anne is highly aware of this. She knows there is more to wellbeing than physical change. That is why Anne Watkins will also help you make a ‘conscious connection’, creating meaningful goals that will teach you how to coach yourself to better health, for greater vitality and wellbeing for years to come.

And who doesn’t want that?

Gerard O’Donovan
Founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching ( President of the IIC (International Institute of Coaching)



The Health Factor Copyright © 2017 by Anne Watkins. All Rights Reserved.

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