Praise for The Health Factor

These comments were originally offered for the first edition of The Health Factor, published in the name of Anne Marshall.   


“Anne Marshall is efficacious on every level and incisive too. She brings genuine expertise, experience, encouragement and illumination. Ever generous with her help, we are lucky with this timely gift of her book.”

Nicola James, BADipCMTh. University Mental Health and Wellbeing Team .   Leader, Chaplain and Writer


I love this book. As I started to read, I found myself realising that it could have been written for me and I found that I was being irresistibly drawn to the idea of becoming my own health coach. Anne’s style is warm and encouraging, she clearly writes from experience and has a natural authority which is reassuring and, at the same time, entices you towards a sense of vitality and inner wellness.”

Lynda Hudson, Author of ‘Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children’ and ‘More Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy’


“Written in a clear and inspiring style, The Health Factor offers you a simple and highly accessible self-coaching programme. Throughout this book, Anne Marshall shares with you the basic principles of NLP and coaching, and provides a structure within which you can develop the skills to become your own personal health coach.”

George Houguez, D.Hyp., PDCHyp., PDCBHyp., MBSCH., The London College of Clinical Hypnosis.


“This book is not a ‘read’ it is Anne Marshall beside you every step of the way to a profound understanding of health; inspiring the desire for that health, the sound strategies and tools for achieving it and that glow of happiness and satisfaction that can make us role models for others.”

Caroline Minto,  The Hen House Blog


“This book’s clear, engaging and warm style quickly draws the reader into feeling that Anne must know them! We all have small (or big) niggling worries about some aspect of our health and well-being and this book encourages us to invest in improvement. Anne is straight talking and helps us to decide how much of ourselves we will put into the process. The practical, clear and above all, gentle encouragement is sure to be a positive read for most of us and demystifies what coaching can do for our well-being. Thank you, Anne.”

Jane Watt, BA, CQSW, Life Coach, EFT practitioner


“This book is a must read for all who value their personal health and wellbeing. None of us knows the challenges that we are likely to face as we grow older and go through life, Anne makes it perfectly clear we do have a choice and maps out the way forward. I will be recommending this highly to friends, family, and business clients as it provides a positive alternative to fear, struggle, and just plain resignation. It is beautifully written in language that is easy to understand. The explanations and coaching exercises are thought provoking and life changing. This should be recommended reading for anyone training to be a coach, as health and wellbeing are fundamental to who we are and how we experience the world.”

Liz Tyas-Peterson BSc.  Blue Star Services


“No-one knows the true value of their own health until they lose it! Therefore, what Anne has miraculously created with her book, is a hand-holding, intimate guide for those on the journey towards regaining their health and well-being and for those who are looking to take their health to the next level.”

Carrie Eddins, Chocolate Rehab


“This book resonated with me. It is full of wonderful hints and tools to enable you to be more aware of your health and wellness. As a retired doctor who became a life coach, I am more and more aware of how important the concepts described by Anne are to help us all lead a fuller and happier life.”

Susan Kersley, The Doctors Coach


“This is an excellent book covering all the main points in the quest for improved health. The importance of recognising negative self-talk and reframing unhelpful beliefs came across strongly and the client examples really helped to bring the book to life.”

Deirdre Dee


“This is a practical book, to the point, with loads of variety, activity and alternatives. Established coaching and change models sit alongside original ideas, making this a work accessible for all.”

David Miskimin, Co-Author ‘The Coaching Parent’


“Anne Marshall’s style is simple, yet profound, gentle, yet thought provoking. The Health Factor is packed with practical tools, highly recommend you read it in order to make changes now!”

Annie Ashdown, Co-Host of Kyle’s Academy (ITV 1)


“I highly recommend this book to all those who believe in being healthy. Anne Marshall is an excellent Health Coach. Her experience shows that she can guide you and your family towards better and healthy living. She is a fountain of knowledge in her discipline.”

Salman Dossa, Youth Coach & Trainer


The Health Factor Copyright © 2017 by Anne Watkins. All Rights Reserved.

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